More and more people treating themselves and their pets with CBD

As people have embraced CBD for the impact it’s had on humans, the question quickly became, “couldn’t my pet also benefit from taking it?” Anecdote after anecdote has come in about how dogs have benefited from the use of CBD for healthy mobility and joint support, among other things. 

For example, the Washington Post published an article about CBD and pets in August 2020, detailing how one lady’s Labrador-hound mix was left trembling and cowering at the sound of fireworks in her neighborhood. But once she gave her dog CBD, the pup was less anxious, and it would lie down with her and go to sleep rather than become unsettled and anxious. The article also notes that if you’re giving your pet CBD, make sure it’s made for pets and that you’re not giving your dog or cat doses made for human consumption.

Another positive move that has more people considering CBD for their pets comes out of Michigan where the governor signed into law legislation that allows vets to discuss the beneficial effects of CBD with pet owners. This helps to lift the taboo nature of CBD discussion between vets and pet owners. This follows legislation in California passed in 2018 where it was made explicitly legal for licensed vets to discuss CBD for medicinal use in pets, though it didn’t give them the permission to recommend it.

You can also look at the market and forecasts for pet-related CBD products. According to Grandview Research, the global CBD pet market size was valued at $27.7 million in 2019 but is expected to grow at a “compound annual growth rate of 40.3 percent from 2020 to 2027,” which means the market could blow up to nearly $400 million over the next six years. The reason for the growth is largely the “perceived benefits of cannabis, high awareness among pet owners, and a preference for natural pet supplements,” according to the report.

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