Can CBD be used for pain?

Sedatives for dogs? They can help support healthy pain states in dogs.

There’s no question about the huge amount of love we feel for our dogs. I have said it before and I will say it again, a lot of people love their dogs more than some of their friends and even their family members. So, when it comes to your dog’s pain state, people naturally want the best for them – people simply want to make sure their dogs are healthy and happy. Topics often researched by dog owners are sedatives and natural pain relief options to help support their dog’s healthy pain states or provide them with temporary relief. After all, no dog parent wants to see their pet in pain.

Pain in Dogs

Frequently, when dogs are in pain, their owners give them a sedative to help manage their healthy pain states. The source of the pain can be from an accident or condition they have, or perhaps it is chronic pain that we are unaware of. The simpler diagnosis is when your dog has had surgery, been injured or is having mobility issues. This type of pain is easier to identify because we can see it clearly. It can be the lessor known internal issues that are causing your dog pain that are difficult to identify. These pains can manifest themselves by showing minor or no symptoms at all. For example, your dog may get a crusty nose because they are having digestive issues. Or a dog can have internal inflammation or morning stiffness that can indicate mobility issues. Sometimes a dog with this type of pain will be fine for part of the day, but then experience more pain later and become irritable or cranky.

No matter where the source of your dog’s pain, seeking a natural pain support option and something that provides temporary pain support can be helpful for your dog.

Things to try before giving a sedative

Unfortunately, there are not many things a dog owner can try on their pet before considering a sedative to treat their dog’s pain state. Things that work for anxiety, such as exercise or play, might have the opposite effect on the healing process. Ensuring your dog’s environment is supported with items such as ramps or cushion beds might also eventually fail to fully prevent pain.

Give your dog a sedative

When your dog is in pain and you’ve tried all the options to relieve it but it persists, giving your dog a sedative might be the last resort for help. It is always recommended that you first consult with your vet before giving your dog a sedative. Many vets are proponents of sedatives and other natural options. With your vet’s approval, consider giving your dog PetSoothe’s Calm formula to help lessen unwanted behaviors, to lift your dog’s spirits, and to promote a calm and relaxed mood. You can also try PetSoothe’s Joint Support to help support healthy pain states and healthy mobility. Our treats are made with all-natural, organic ingredients and contain organically certified CBD plus other added supplements to help support your dog. 

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