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Calm CBD Dog Treats

Promote a calm and relaxed mood, lift your dog’s spirits and lessen unwanted behaviors.


Joint Support CBD Dog Treats

Support healthy mobility, comfort, and activity levels and lessen morning stiffness.

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Senior Support CBD Dog Treats

Support healthy mobility, healthy digestion and brain function.

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Rocky | Age 11

Rocky has never acted his age, but at 11 his legs are slower than his mind. He has always enjoyed hour-long hikes in rough terrain but in the last two years, he has started to limp a bit in his front two legs after long hikes. I started him on PetSoothe’s joint formula and his recovery time after long hikes is noticeably faster — we’re enjoying long hikes and he hasn’t been limping in the following days. We’re able to hike on back-to-back days! Watch the video to see how PetSoothe’s Joint Formula helped Rocky enjoy running, swimming, and hiking again!

July 2021

Bronx | Age 9

Bronx has been on PetSoothe for three days now, but it didn’t even take that long to notice a difference. Yesterday we played fetch with tennis balls. We haven’t done that in months because of his hip issues. We also went on a 2-mile walk yesterday. I thought for sure he’d be whining last night, trying to get comfortable. I thought for sure he’d be moving slow and have a hard time with the stairs this morning. Dude, he slept like a log and was up this morning, bouncing around and was even doing zoomies in the backyard when I took him out for his morning movement. Your stuff is magic.

January 2021

Dog Sedative

Cleo | Age 14+

Cleo is 14 + years old and was starting seriously to slow down thanks in part to her age and muscle atrophy. Everyday activities like going up and down the stairs and climbing on and off the couch had become increasingly difficult for her. Both her energy level and her appetite were also starting to diminish a bit so I decided to start her on PetSoothe’s Joint Support treats. After only a few days I started noticing a difference. Cleo was now able to go up and down the stairs with no tripping and she was back to jumping up on the couch. She also had increased energy and her appetite came back. I was pretty amazed! The PetSoothe treats have greatly improved my elderly dog’s quality of life and I could not be happier with the results!

June 2021

Dog Sedative
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